Business Solutions

We understand that business isn't always clean and tidy, that's why OneContact offers efficient business solutions in order to tie up all your loose ends.

Data Entry & Data Processing

Information is power—when managed effectively. This is something that OneContact does better than pretty much anyone else.


OneContact can complete all your data entry needs; maintain the records in your databases in good order; and provide permanent or come-and-go resources to satisfy data entry and data management challenges.

Let’s face it, inputting and updating personal details is a tedious job. We’ll help you set up and manage your supporter database so you can seamlessly access, track and analyse the information you really need and, just as importantly, filter out the things you don’t. End result? You’ll be able to work smarter, faster and more efficiency for time and cost savings.


As the primary data warehouse for over 20 million users, the security of our clients’ data is paramount. We have robust enterprise-level security measures in place to ensure that your data stays safe and we are constantly seeking ways to improve our technology. Data is backed up daily to two Network Array Storage devices located in separate locations within OneContact’s PCI compliant environment.


Whether you need to send products or flyers… now, outside business hours or in the future… accept returns from customers, or any other customer transactions, OneContact can fulfil this need.

Shared Services

With expertise in services such as payroll management, training procedures, invoices to pay and invoices to collect, OneContact will ensure your back office is always supported

Your Business Solutions Through Indonesia

Offering Superior Customer Experience with BPO services in Indonesia

By outsourcing processes to Indonesia your business can spread your global reach at a price point that makes sense. 

Across all industries, BPO solutions provide great opportunities to save money and increase growth. Other benefits of outsourcing through Indonesia include controlling labour costs, increased efficiency, greater agility, decreased risks, and the ability to keep your focus strictly on your core business.


The quality of services offered through OneContact remains high, ensuring that low-cost does not lead to low-quality. OneContact will take care of your needs with our pool of highly skilled manpower, allowing you to depend on our customised and quality BPO solutions to handle your business functions so that you can focus on your business interests while saving you time and money.

Using methods to mitigate attrition and strengthen retention combined with our solid back-end processes, we help you to strategically connect with empathy and warmth so as to maximise fundraising goals.

Skilled Manpower

Offering the choice of using our highly qualified team in Australia or Indonesia to handle the BPO needs of your respective business area and company

Faster Services

Allocating activities speeds up your business processes, quickly converting your ideas into value and providing an exceptional customer experience

Cost benefits

Work carried out by offshoring services occurs at a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality

Expert Service

Unwavering commitment to getting the job done. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way


No need to invest in any fixed assets, increasing your flexibility in resource management

Time Zone Advantage

Work will continue to be done even when you are closed, giving you the benefit of 24/7 business operations

Global Business Expansion

Opportunity to build strong international partnerships and heighten your brand image within a global scene

Competitive Advantage

Enhanced productivity to meet business demands and remain competitive in the market